history and environment

An ancient property in the Saint Romà valley itself located within the village of Selva de Mar (High Empordà) Catalonia Spain. In 974 Count Wilfred of Empuries gave a large tract of land to the monastery of Saint Peter of Rodes, high above the valley of Saint Romà, because of its fertility, plentiful game and wonderful scenery.

In 1989 the Soto-Dalmau family bought Mas Estela and its 50ha of surrounding land. After a lengthy and difficult period of restoration, Mas Estela has now come back to life. 16 hectares have been replanted with red and grey Grenache, Syrah, Carignan and Muscat of Alexandria. Because of our passion for the land and our obsession with looking after the environment we chose to farm organically right from the beginning (1989) and biodynamically since 1999. With great care given to the vine, working in harmony with the moon and the planets, excluding herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, insecticides and chemical fertilizers we're able to achieve the true expression of terroir from a living soil. This is our chosen philosophy, our driving force and our work model.

Decanter 1800 Winery & Vineyard Toscana, Italy